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AVG Family Safety software flagging my blog because uncategorized

  1. I use AVG Family Safety software at home, and my son pointed out to me today that my blog was flagged as uncategorized. I think all or most family safety software filters look at categories so parents can choose to filter out gambling, suicide-related, personals, etc., in addition to, obviously, porn. You can also have it flag uncategorized sites, and that's what caught mine. Is there a way to specify a category for my whole blog? In WordPress "category" seems to only mean the category/categories you choose for each post, and how those are organized. Any thoughts? I will override it for my own home, but am curious if others might be put off when trying to visit my site. Thanks! (P.S., when I clicked check spelling it flagged "Wordpress" LOL!)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. In order to assist you, we need the URL of your blog, starting with http:// please. Thanks.

  3. Sorry, I thought it was a generic question. Thanks!

  4. (P.S., when I clicked check spelling it flagged "Wordpress" LOL!)

    FYI - The correct spelling is WordPress - note the capital "P"

  5. Oops...

  6. We assign categories to posts - not to pages and not to blogs. UncCategorized is the default category on all WordPress blogs and it automatically appears when you do not assign another category to a post. You can change the default category but you cannot eliminate having a default category.

  7. Hi timethief, thanks for your reply. All of my posts were categorized, and I had already changed the default category, but only to "Misc." and maybe that's a filtered word in the family safety software. I the post that had only Misc on it. So, I dunno, but it isn't too important, anyway. Thanks, everyone!

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