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    Weeks after launching a new website, Google still displays an old outdated summary/snippet from DMOZ (Open Directory Project).
    I have learned that by adding this metadata tag, Google is instructed not to lookup in DMOZ
    <meta name=”robots” content=”noodp, noydir” />

    Custom tags however is no option for a WordPress.com site.

    Of cause I have contacted DMOZ, but the editor there has not applied the changes, or is just very slow?

    Is there anything else that could be done in the WordPress setup?

    Why is Google using DMOZ in the first place, and not reading the content of the site?
    Blog url: http://mettealfast.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is mettealfast.dk.



    You might want to try verifying your site using Google Webmaster Tools, by going under Tools > Available Tools:


    There are complete instructions here:


    Once you’ve verified the site, you will be better able to see how Google’s search spider is interacting with your site, although you may not be able to determine why it’s using the DMOZ snippet.

    Here is some information from Google itself on how it determines what snippets to display in its search results – you might find a nugget there that may be useful:


    Let me know how it goes!



    The site + sitemap has been registered via webmaster tools since we moved to WordPress, and seems to be crawled at regular basis – I can’t find anything wrong here.

    I watched the video in the last link, however it does not seem to be an exact science how Google decides to construct the snippet.
    They mention the meta description tag, we have that on the page…

    And again they mention robots meta tag, to tell the crawler not to go for dmoz…

    It would be nice to have a little more control over SEO settings like this :)

    With these many WordPress.com sites you must have seen this before?



    Right now there isn’t a way to add the DMOZ meta tag directly, unfortunately.

    How Google chooses which snippets to display is definitely not an exact science, and unfortunately there’s no real way to control it.

    One thing you could try, though of course there’s no guarantee, is adding some additional text content on your homepage and seeing if Google starts to realize that their snippet is better off being drawn from your page, instead of DMOZ.

    Best of luck. :-)



    I went and change the meta description, and ordered the google bot to go take a look.

    This time thier bot picked up from the site, so thanks for your advice :-)

    Regarding DMOZ….still no answer from the editor zzzZZZ. I really don’t get the idea, DMOZ seems like a dino, that should have been put to sleep long time ago.


    I’m glad Kathryn was able to help! Are you all set for now? :-)

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