Avoiding a TOS Violation

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    hello. I just started up by blog on your service. I’m confused after reading your TOS and replies I’ve read about advertising.

    My blog is about my art. The purpose of the blog is to talk about my work, have others share criticisms, and promote the themes and content of the artwork. I also have sites like art.com as well as my own sites sell the artwork I will be talking about. If I put links to these sites, including my own, will I be violating your TOS?

    Thank you.

    Anthony Ross



    Podz I am referring Anthony to you. Anthony, you might also want to send in a feedback with these questions for the attention of Podz.



    Basic links in the sidebar for sites like art.com are fine. When you start doing affliate links, that’s when you may start running into issues.

    We ran a lengthly discriptions in this thread on the subject with Podz walking us though what his mindset is on the subject.

    But, yes, it’s a gray area. Staff and I have disagreed on what may or may not be considered a spam blog. Matt blogged about it recently about how hard it is to tell sometimes.



    Thank you for your responses britgirl and drmike. I must be having senior moments following the threads on the ad issue since I still don’t know what constitutes an ad (spam blog) and what isn’t.

    I have very little knowledge of how to implement a blog on my own site, hence I signed up with WP (Which is a very easy to use and understand, thank you).

    Yes, it is hard to tell sometimes what is an ad and what isn’t. However, shouldn’t the vote of the masses come into play and if they come upon a spam blog decide not to link to it, read it, or have a feed to it? It’s like someone complaining about violence on TV and yet doesn’t realize there’s an off button (and not to mention hundreds of other channels to choose from.)

    When I go to a blog, to be honest, I don’t know or really care where it is hosted, nor to I really notice. I look at content. If it is a spam site I do not return. I don’t blame the host for the spam, I blame the spammer. Maybe I’m being too simplistic?

    Since I am not tech savy enough to host the blog on my own site I appreciate the ability to do this at WP. And I agree with one poster how wrote they would be glad to pay a nominal fee to have the ability to have ad links on their pages. I would pay this fee if it were reasonable (now what that is I have no idea).

    All I want to do with my blog is to show the work. Talk about the work, get reaction from the work from others. And, yes, tell people where they could purchase prints of the work if they are interested. But my opinion on the differences between spam blogs and mine is that I am engaging the reader. There is substance (I like to think) in my posts.



    Here’s a definition that may help you clarify where sysadmin is coming from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Splog

    The bottom line of course is that no volunteer on the forum can make this call DEFINITVELY for you. Volunteers can only offer OPINIONS.

    The final call is up to sysadmin and they can be contacted either through the use of your feedback button on your dashboard (top right hand corner) or by email at support@wordpress.com.



    Thanks TT I did notify support via the feedback button about this.

    The link you gave has as part of the definition of a spam blog as:

    “…which the author uses only for promoting affiliated websites. The purpose is to increase the PageRank of the affiliated sites, get ad impressions from visitors, and/or use the blog as a link outlet to get new sites indexed… content is often nonsense or text stolen from other websites. These blogs contain an unusually high number of links to sites associated with the splog creator which are often disreputable or otherwise useless websites.”

    I understand that these spam (splog) blogs exist and as I said before, we can ignore them. However when someone has actual content on their blog, that they create themselves, monitors, and actually responds to posts but also contains links to places that sell what they are talking about (my own work) how is that spam? Or a splog? I can understand if you go to a blog where there is an article about, say, apples and there are viagra, penis enlargers, and vicodin links throughoutthe blog, yes, that is obvious.



    I think the issue is, would the blog exist if not for the opportunity to put those links in there? If the answer is yes, then it’s a real blog and welcome to WordPress; if no, then it’s a splog.

    Do you link to anything other than places to buy the specified work? Are you blogging primarily to sell the work through the blog’s linked sites?

    It doesn’t really matter if a splog is selling viagra, crack, or Rodin sculptures, it’s whether or not the blog would exist without the opportunity to sell that matters.



    Once I get it together–my links, tags, etc– they will be to a variety of references and sites, not just buying art. There are sites that I use for reference purposes and research that have information that maybe would be useful to others with the same passions- Retro theater sites, route 66 sites, art blogs, baby boomer blogs (I have one there now!)photorealism, etc……

    Many of the works I have are not available, but I still plan to talk about them. I also plan on blogging about art in general. So I guess to answer your question, yes, the blog would exist if not for the opportunity to put links in it.

    When I started in the art business blogs didn’t exist (in the form it does now at least). I didn’t have a choice but to notice that this is another forum to talk about art, and yes, sell art (indirectly).

    Also, would a spammer take this amount of time to ask, and answer, these questions or just move on to something that involves less work? If I were a spammer or splogger I really wouldn’t care what WP thinks.



    @ Roadsigns, hopefully a sysadmin can clarify the situation as a result of your feedback.



    Britgirl, I will be awaiting the clarification. Thank you.



    Hmm, I’m surprised someone hasn’t got back to you since right now it’s what I’d call a “hot button” issue.. I’d follow up again if you haven’t heard anything.



    I just hear drom Podz, nice guy, and he apologized for the delay. Anyway the result was a tenative yes for what I had planned and explained here. But since I didn’t want to get too deep into developing the blog then having the possibility of having issues with it I downloaded the .org version. It was actually easier to install than I thought it would be. There were issues with moving the info from .com to .org but since there was little on the blog so far I just cut and pasted. New blog site for anyone interested is http://www.ross-art.com/blog

    Thanks for all your help. For me this matter is now closed (but I’m sure there will be others with issues)

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