Avoiding Being Archived… AGAIN!

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    Hi guys, I’m really hoping you can help.

    My blog has been archived for the second time, with the reason that it violates their advertising terms and conditions. Except, I don’t have any adverts on the blog. The only thing which comes close is an image linking to a tattoo studio’s blog, which I run.

    I spent years building this website, and I really can’t be doing with this again. I know WordPress makes mistakes sometimes (and I’m hoping they realise their mistake again or I’ll really be upset), but I was wondering if you guys had any tips on making sure it doesn’t happen again. Is there anything in particular which they look for when they come up with this stuff?

    There’s no reason for this to be happening. I’ve always loved using WordPress, but it’s getting to a point where I’m wondering if I can put up with all of this rubbish.

    The blog I need help with is tattoosdayuk.wordpress.com.



    Hi there,
    I’m sorry but we Volunteers answering support questions have no role to play in this process. This is between you and Staff. You have a warning notice with a link in it — please click that link as it works at all times (even when the regular contact form is closed). If you have already contacted Staff by using the “click here to contact us” link in the notice, the ToS department definitely received your request. Please be patient as they’ll be getting back to you as soon as they can. There’s also a contact form you can use to reach them at the bottom of this page http://en.support.wordpress.com/suspended-blogs/

    Mistakes can be made but as a policy, we are asked to refrain from discussing ToS issues on the public forums.

    Reference links:



    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    What I really wanted to know was if there is anything in particular I can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Maybe I could change how any links look, or something? I’ve sent a message to support, but last time they didn’t give me any feedback on it, so I assumed they just realised they made a mistake and put it back- now I’m under the impression there are certain things they look for when they think there are ads on a blog?

    Any helpful feedback would be appreciated.

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