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Avoiding non-controversial topics for blogging

  1. theinsanityaquarium

    @raincoaster: That was at Derby College, the Joseph Wright Centre! Joseph Wright, of course, to whom I am a distant relative.

    Ahem. Continue.

  2. UNINTERESTING??? What are you TALKING about?

  3. theinsanityaquarium

    I meant that my little aside was uninteresting and eye-gaugingly off-topic! Unless you all want to know what other famous people I'm related to? *Cough* No-one *Cough*

  4. theinsanityaquarium

    Gauge?! I meant gouge! Bah. I blame the early mornings,

  5. Ahaha I blame your camel toes!

  6. .....Hang on a minute...

  7. theinsanityaquarium

    Hurr hurr hurr!

  8. Hairball?

  9. kennethmarkhoover

    Don't let what other people think limit what you write about on your own blog. Say the things you want, develop good content about the topics you want to explore. It's your blog and it's not your job to make everyone happy, because that is impossible.

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