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Award Nomination

  1. kindredspirit23

    I was just nominated for an award. Instead of asking all my friends, I thought I would come here.
    I now understand that being nominated means you have "won" and now can accept the responsibilities of the award.
    So, 3 questions:
    1) Where do you get the pic of the award to post on your blog?

    2) How do you post it permanently (I can, probably, figure this one out)?

    3) Do I have to do anything special when nominating someone else, or just post it?

    Sorry if the questions are really basic. I looked and looked and decided this was the more direct route,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is anot a support issue per say. You go to the site of the person who presented you with the award and follow the instructions. There you will find the answers to your 3 questions.

  3. @kindredspirit23: Hi. Congratulations. You should know the website attached to your username (http://bookman23 [at] is actually a hybrid of a URL and an email address.

    If you have a account you can fix it here:

    Dashboard > Personal Settings > Account Details > Website > Change > Save

  4. kindredspirit23

    I appreciate the help and advice; however, when I check the above selection you have mentioned, my username and my email address and the website show accurate information. I am receiving the emails I ask for. I guess, perhaps, I am misunderstanding the problem.

  5. kindredspirit23

    Thank you very much.

  6. You're welcome.

  7. This: is the address attached to your username at the moment. Try clicking on your 'kindredspirit23' username here in the forum, it is not a valid URL. It's possible, when you leave comments on other blogs, you're leaving behind a corrupted URL. If you are leaving this URL in your comments it's something you should have fixed.

  8. Not only that, we generally refuse to answer questions from people unless we can see the blog they're talking about.

  9. @feartheseeds
    I'm sorry for not carefully reading what you posted above. :( I assumed this was the OP's blog and I do see a blog award in the sidebar there.

  10. @ kindredspirit23, just click the award and that will take you to the site that sent it, the blog name should also have been in the email you got with it, here is the site.

  11. No worries, you got it right... despite leaving a broken URL in every comment he has made on his blog (and, I assume, on every other blog) he has 256 "Followers" and he just received a meme award for having a beautiful blog, so maybe having a corrupted URL attached to an account is the future of blogging.

  12. ...sorry, should have added an @TT.

  13. @feartheseeds
    I politely made no reference to that. These memes are in essense links schemes (backlinks schemes) and we all know how much Google likes link schemes, right? Natural linking patterns to authorataive posts in related blogs in posts on your own blog are what Google is focused on. These awards memes are the opposite of natural linking patterns, which is why I don't participate in any of them.

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