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awards-trophies-milestones -- What are they? WHERE are they?

  1. What milestones do you give badges or trophies for? Is it random and you only give them when you feel like it to those bloggers you favor?

    Having passed more than a thousand posts, nearly 93,000 hits? No word at 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, 75,000 ... and now that I'm closing in on 100,000 ... nothing??????

    Almost 10,000 comments and more then 500 WP followers and not even a note of acknowledgement, nothing at all from you? I know others have gotten "commendations" for 500 followers specifically, but is there some reason why my 500 is different than theirs? How about a full years of postaday?

    Anything? Am I so unimportant that my achievements are considered worthless, not even good for an computer generated notice? My car insurance company does better than this.

    I can't believe how hurt and dismissed I feel. I know I should care, but the lack of even a simple acknowledgement really pains me.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. They don't send those out via email. Go to the W menu on the left of your admin bar and choose "Reader." There are a number of things you will see listed on the right sidebar, including "trophie case."

  3. I did that. Nothing since last February. Nothing for anything that has happened since. I apparently dropped off their radar at that point.

  4. I'll modlook this for you. To be honest, I had to search around to find them because I've never looked at them before. It looks like the last one on one of my blogs was last updated in April 2012. Could be just me because I haven't been very actively blogging on that site.

    If you subscribe to this topic, you'll be notified when staff responds.

  5. I subscried. Or I think I did. I've been VERY active ... since Febrary like 65000 additional views since then ... and Lord knows how many posts. Also more than 300 more followers. As for posts, It's about 1300 at the moment and I deleted a bunch a while back to unclutter it a bit. Everything is tagged.

    Either they aren't taking care of business because WP has grown much faster than its infrastructure can handle or they have something personal against me. More likely, I have fallen between the virtual cracks and having landed there, will remain there forever.

    With open heart surgery on my calendar soon, I'm going to have to -- at least for a while -- cut back on blogging activities. I would have liked to get a bit of recognition while I'm still able to enjoy it. I guess not. Figures.

  6. Please be patient. It's the weekend so staff response is sometimes a bit slower.

    And don't take it personally! I'm sure staff doesn't have time to read thousands of blogs for the purpose of excluding anyone from any of the benefits available on

  7. On a logical level, I know that. On the emotional level ... paranoia.

  8. Why don't you just make your own posts and images to celebrate your victories? Why wait for WP?

  9. I have. But it's different when they come from someone else. Recognition is not the same as celebration.

  10. As far as I'm aware these notifications only show up in your Notifications, so have you scrolled back through those to see if they're there?

    I don't think they EVER notify you for x number of hits or x number of comments, just follows. At least, I've never seen any such notifications and I've been here seven years and have 4.5 million hits.

  11. I have checked. I'm at over 500 follows. I was notified at 200. Last February. And yes, they do notify for other thing too. The last ones were ALL last February. But apparently, they miss people. Apparently you too. I know people who've gotten notifications for all kinds of things ... but not me. Obviously, not you either. Why? I don't know. Bet you don't know either.

  12. I don't, but I don't particularly care. Clearly I keep better track of my milestones than they do.

  13. They are here and I rarely look at them. Are mine accurate no but like raincoaster I don't care if they are or not.

  14. Obviously it doesn't matter how I feel about it. So, I'll move on. I've got two heart valve transplants coming up shortly. With those to deal with, I expect this blog will be a lot less significant in the scheme of things. Thanks for the input.

  15. @teepee12

    This thread is still tagged with a modlook for staff to chime in with a technical answere about what is going on with the trophies and milestones found on the Reader.

    It's difficult to cope with stress, such as the life changing surgery which you are about to face. Such input as trophies, awards, compliments can make one feel better.

    I think all of us volunteers understand that. And no one intends to be unkind.

    Nothing any of us says is likely to convince you that it's more meaningful to be satisfied with the many followers, posts, likes and all that you have achieved. A celebration of your real accomplishments is more self-affirming than any "automattic" trophy, but that is rather a matter of personal perspective.

    These are technical forums, and you deserve a technical explanation about what the status of this benefit is.

  16. I AM happy with my numbers, the friends I've made and the quality of my work. I also wouldn't mind a little recognition. I do not think there's anything peculiar or unusual about that. An occasional attaboy is good for the soul. And just as recognition feels good, being ignored feels bad.

    If WordPress does not think such recognition has value or meaning, why gve it to anyone? Obviously you DO think it means something. But you feel that I should not feel it means anything, even if you obviously do? Do you see the illogic of the message you are sending?

  17. A reminder about forum etiquette:

    These forums are meant for technical support and this thread is modlooked for staff to chime in on what is going on with the trophies has offered.

  18. @teepee12

    I didn't refresh the page before posting the above. It was meant to remind the other volunteers, as well as for you. This is a technical forum.

    I've given advice, technical advice, here for many years. Sometimes the people I've helped do not believe the same things as I do. But as a technical forum, feelings, psychology, and opinions are not the main focus here.

    We, none of us, are here for hand-holding. Nor are we here to argue about personal preferences. We are, however people and so have sympathetic concepts about each other. But these are technical forums, so this thread remains tagged for staff to respond to the question about what is going on with the "trophies" part of the Reader.

  19. ok

  20. I also wouldn't mind a little recognition. I do not think there's anything peculiar or unusual about that. An occasional attaboy is good for the soul. And just as recognition feels good, being ignored feels bad.

    As you like the Trophy case then you may like get instant feedback feature too. If so you can enable it here > Dashboard > Users > Personal Settings

    There's also a "this post is super awesome" checkbox for posts. It's part of the "Surprise Me" (Fun mode) box function and you can read about it here.
    It used to produce a video but I don't know what it does now as I immediately disabled it as I did with the get feedback feature.

    See here > > Dashboard > Users > Personal Settings
    Personal Options
    Fun ___ Surprise me. (Fun mode.)
    "Save Changes"

  21. The trophy case feature is a fun thing we added to They will pop up from time to time, but I wouldn't take them too seriously.

    If you want a sense for how your blog is doing, I would recommend you review your site stats.

  22. Am I so unimportant that my achievements are considered worthless, not even good for an computer generated notice? My car insurance company does better than this.

    teepee12, the answer is simple. Get over yourself. And no, there isn't a trophy for that.

  23. I understand MikeOnBike that you think you understand everything from one email. I wish everything was that simple. I wish OH how I wish that I could just get over myself. Unfortunately, I have some open heart surgery to survive, then, if all goes well (my mouth to God's ear) --assuming I'm still on board the living-not-dead train -- after a few months, I'll will definitely get over myself.

    In the meantime, I'm feeling unusually vulnerable, fragile and frightened. Getting told you're dying has that effect on some of us, though I'm sure a strong, brave fellow such as yourself would breeze through a crisis like this without a moment of concern. I'm sure with the help of sensitive caring people like you I'll be just fine.

    Oh, I got the notifications. They were MIA but have returned as they should have.

  24. Oh, I got the notifications. They were MIA but have solved.

    Good news. This thread is resolved.
  25. Yes, resolved.

  26. Happy blogging! :)

  27. Thank you :-)

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