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Aweber Integration Issue

  1. I'm trying to integrate an Aweber hover box on my page. I paid to park my domain on WordPress but it's still not working. I tried the java and html snippets. I'm thinking that maybe there's something I need to activate in order to be able to paste code. I've been goin gnuts for two days trying to figure this out. I was doing fine setting up my email campaign until I got to this point. Here's the best I could do so far. There's a link under the video. Not cool! HELP!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Let me save you some time: Aweber cannot be integrated into a blog. It will be stripped out as insecure code. You can host the code somewhere else on the web and link to it on your blog, but you can't put it in a blog. The custom domain upgrade gets you a custom domain, not exemption from security precautions.

  3. That's what I did. Aweber has an option to host your mail signup on their server, but that's brutal because you lose engagement, hope they sign up, and return when they're done. I'll change hosts when I can. Thank you. :(

  4. therealchandra

    Wish I'd have known this before I put my domain here. I think the comment "The custom domain upgrade gets you a custom domain, not exemption from security precautions" is unnecessarily snarky. Nobody here wants "exemptions" from "security precautions." We just want to do what is normal & acceptable on the internet.

  5. Actually, you are specifically hoping for exemptions from security precautions. The security precautions here are tighter than they are elsewhere. If you can't live with them, you are able to point your domain to a different site easily, or transfer it to different management entirely.

  6. @therealchandra, aweber should have some "email" signup code that you can use so that people can click on a button and a window will open so that they can sign up on aweber. It has to be the "email" code as that will be standard HTML. The javascript code that is typically used, as raincoaster says, cannot be used here.

  7. HTML will not work. The proper solution is to migrate the domain back to my original host and then install Jetpack. This is the final solution.

    Thank you for your responses.


  8. jkdunlimitedlondon

    Sorry guys, I'm a bit confused.
    I do understand that sign up forms from aweber do not work on

    So can I host my domain in host gator or go daddy and be able to add a sign up form from aweber?

  9. Yes.

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