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awesome great fantaboulous poetry site

  1. i write fantastic faboulous poetry and you should read it! :) if you write as well, i am dying to read yours!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Poet over here *raises hand*
    beware its not sunshine and rainbows XD

  3. ahem :)

  4. @ silent0antagonist

    hey..please don't be offended but I found it very difficult to read your blog because of the background intruding into the writing area..perhaps if you could change this it might encourage people to look for would me anyway :)

  5. helensmashna2612

    Hi my name. is Helen.. I have just started a new Poetry Blog and would enjoy meeting others that enjy writing. I still have no clue of how the process works. I am learning as i go, as they say Life is a dance, we learn as we go. Please feel free to visit and comment & offer lots of good advce.. Looking forward ro hearing from you .


  6. Hi Helen..nice way with words you have. There's not much in the way of advice I can offer for who am I but just a fellow traveller, poet and blogger...BUT.... :)

    Get yourself noticed...think of an appropriate name rather than 'my blog'
    Put yourself about..there is a whole universe of poetry blogs waiting for you out there..have a look around and eye up the competition so to speak :)
    Join up with other blogs and participate in the regular prompts..a surefire fire way of generating interest in what you have to offer and at the same time tickling your inspiration.
    Looking and learning are the best forms of advice you can do for your self.
    Read poetry! As much as you can..practise the multitude of form that exists and the diversity of subject.
    But above all, ignore everything I've said and just be true to yourself.. if it feels good for you, just do've done far more than a great percentage of the poetic population just to get to here :)

    Good luck and have fun

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