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    This is a follow-up on a previous thread:

    The Twenty-Eleven theme applies styles to the visual editor which make it hard to encourage authors to do the right thing regarding structure. (For example, use of a display font encourages them to make presentation decisions in the editor. Also, the uppercase transform on H3 makes it difficult to encourage authors to write with title case and let the CSS transform in the presentation layer.)

    Is there now a way to change those back-end styles with Custom CSS?

    The blog I need help with is


    @jcollier There currently isn’t a way to change those back-end styles with Custom CSS but we’re always looking for ways to make our themes better; one day there might be.



    Even a checkbox would be great:

    Editor styles [on] [off]

    Keep up the great work.



    Before closing this topic, I wanted to say, again, how much I appreciate all of the work that is being dedicated to theme development. I’m now deep diving into twentyeleven and its power becomes more and more apparent over time. Thank you, theme team.

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