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    I decided to switch back to Duster from Twenty Eleven.

    I just could not give up the automatic thumbnail feature in Duster for gallery format ..when my photos in those blog posts were in the full post version were all embedded in full size. I had no interest in creating thumbnail galleries of 4-5 photos in 1 blog full version post when you clicke open to read more.

    I just didn’t want to use the Twenty Eleven version of gallery format, which seemed to force a blogger to have in the full original post to first have thumbnail group of photos and in order to extract a thumbnail version for Twenty Eleven’s gallery post format.

    Oh well. Inability to change link colour is a small price.

    The blog I need help with is



    Jean, which blog are you talking about? The one linked to your username is using MistyLook.



    Hi there. Jean is referring to this blog>



    I have a related question, hope you can help….is it possible to have a thumbnail gallery in the sidebar of twenty eleven with three images alongside one another?? If so, how would one do that?
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    This is not actually related as this thread is Duster thread and not a twenty Eleven thread. The answer is “yes”. Provided the images are small enough, you can place them 3 side by side in a text widget in your sidebar of the Twenty Eleven theme. The maximum sidebar width is 188 pixels.
    uploading images >
    aligning images >
    text widget >
    If you are new then the easiest way to do this is to upload the images into a draft post and align them. Then copy and paste the code from the HTML editor into a text widget. Then trash the draft post.



    @maidiebike apologies but I had to leave the site tt pointed to because it crashed my browser, I think due to the multiple slideshows. Nevertheless since I am not fully fluent in how either Duster and Twenty Eleven treats the Gallery format, I will experiment with it on my test blog and get back to you.

    @4otomo-as tt pointed out, better to open a new topic especially as it will get you more attention than will adding it to an existing thread.

    FWIW-You can also use the Gallery feature to display thumbnails in a sidebar. See here and then look in the sidebar on that site.



    Yes, I have 2 slideshows, each in different blog posts. There are others, but they have been collapsed under Duster’s “gallery” format that I like because 1 (static) thumbnail is displayed at least to give visual interest per gallery blog format post.

    Same sort of thing actually for 2010 format too.

    What I liked for both Duster and 2010 is that a blogger doesn’t have to prepare any of their embedded blog post pics in thumbnail size in advance at all.



    I’ll be interested in knowing how much showing several blog posts on home page affects other viewers also.

    I find it difficult to “hide” all the work I’ve done in backdated posts in the archives/categories, etc.

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