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Back to the future trilogy which is your favorite and why?

  1. I personally like all three of the videos but my favorite would be the second one because they go into the future and they get to see what there future will be like. Which on is your favorite and why?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I like 2, but I think the first is my favourite.

    Weirdly they've just been banned in China

  3. Wow I like the first on to also

  4. First and Second are kind of a tie. I like them all, really.

    @theianfox No Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, either! Strange things are afoot at the Circle K....

  5. @momfog I agree I like them all to

  6. I love them all , but I really like The Time Traveling Train..........

  7. The Doc really hooked it up lol

  8. Lol lee

  9. 1st Back to the Future film, hands down.

  10. I enjoyed the last one because it was more minimalist brown setting, unlike the second one which was just too colorful for me. But I like them all.

  11. there all good to me

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