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    Is there an easy way to backup all media files, that are uploaded in an blog?
    Am I right that the media will not be included in the export file I can create at Tools > Export?

    Thanks in advance! :)



    When you create an XML export file and then import it you will be queried as to whether or not you wish to include the attachments (images, media files).

    Importing Media (Photos, Videos)
    If you are importing content from another WordPress-powered blog, you can automatically download your attachments: just tick the Download and import file attachments checkbox in the 2nd step and the files will be downloaded from your old host and uploaded to



    Does this stay true if moving from a WordPress hosted blog to a self hosted WordPress installation?




    @imperfectal: As long as you didn’t delete the blog and its content, and as timethief quoted, you can import the attachments as well (images, etc.).



    Many thanks. Just trying to deal with a situation where the admin/’site owner’ (the one in the group who set the site up) is threatening to go a bit rogue on us. Hoping to extricate what we can from the situation and start anew elsewhere.

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