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Back up your Blog!

  1. If your blog is back up, go to your dashboard right now and export an xml file of your blog!

  2. Right now there are 3 copies of your blog in 3 different parts of the USA.

    If California drops into the Pacific, your blog is still safe.
    If California drops into the Pacific AND Texas gets hit by a meteor storm which destroys it you can still blog all about it.
    If all 3 go down then there is something very serious going on ...

    There isn't really a need to backup.

  3. And I, who am bad about that, do thank you profusely mark. As I understand it, from the snippets of wisdom left by timethief, raincoaster and others... the only info that would be lost is if you're in the middle of something right when something bad happens and it never got saved. If it's made it to your data center... it's safe as you pointed out above.

    So.. cool. I love you folks... enough to keep the .com blog even when I have the paid site up.

  4. Excellent News!!

  5. Alright...but I suppose it can't hurt just in case the San Andreas fault, Armageddon 2, and Attack of the Killer Bee's brings down the whole system. Thank you all at wordpress who preserved evidence of my intense narcissism.

  6. There are numerous other ways to backup your blog that you may wish to consider.
    Cheers :)

  7. This is amazing! I was just trying to figure out how to back up my blog for this upcoming problem on Nov. 11 and here is a discussion! thanks to who every started this one! Anyway, I will read all of your posts and hopefully can figure out how to back up my blog. thanks. NC

  8. The blog post I put up the link to covers these backup methods:
    (1) The Safe Bet - Use an Offline Blog Editor
    (2) Raincoatster's copy and paste work around
    (3) Subscribe to Your Blog’s RSS Feeds
    (4) There is a blog backup online daily service free of charge
    (5) Periodically Export Backup Copies and Save them to Disc
    (6) Back-up using using Feedburner and Gmail

  9. Thanks. I happen to use the export feature under Manage. Seems to be the easiest for us non-technical bloggers.

  10. You are welcome. The export feature under manage is referred to in (5). It does not, of course, include your blogroll links but I explain how to back them up too in the post.
    Happy blogging :)

  11. I agreed with bgathen,

    Our blog should be backep up in case of our blog is suspended! (it is more worse than meteor hit and it can happened anytime, when you are breaking the TOS )

  12. The idea is to not break the TOS.

  13. I want to visit Texas... Sorry, but the mention of it reminds me of the old Texas cowboy dream.

    Wow... ... ...


  14. Yep, yep, yep, I agree, I agree with you.

  15. But who will write when we all go down?

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