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    On this blog I post entries that are translations of things published earlier elsewhere. I backdate my entries to match the time/date of the originally published entries.

    I would like the permalink date to reflect the backdate (say, June 2011), NOT the date I am actually publishing it (March 2012).

    I got this to work once ( — as you can see, the date in the permalink is correctly backdated even though I actually published this March 2012) but it won’t do it again for another entry I’m writing.

    Here’s how I’m trying to make it happen. I open a new entry. I first edit the date to be the backdate (right now I want it to be yesterday, March 21 2012) and hit OK. Then I add in the post title. The permalink is instantly created but for some reason it uses today’s date instead of the date I chose. It completely ignores the publish date I’ve chosen in favor of today’s actual date.

    I just tried clearing the cache and I’ve tried this about 5 times now with different past dates and titles and it won’t work any time.

    I don’t understand why this won’t work the way it did before. Is this not possible (anymore)? Help, please! As a non-upgraded user I can’t contact support.

    The blog I need help with is

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