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    I am unable to change background color in Adventure Journal. Also, the color swatch does not come far enough down on the page to choose colors at the bottom of the color wheel. Have been trying for two days.

    The blog I need help with is



    You aren’t alone. there are others who have the same issue with the same theme. I have flagged this thread so it’s moved to the Themes Forum for you. There Themes Staff monitor threads and will help you.


    We fixed a bug where the default background image (the wood grain) wasn’t working, and it seems that another bug snuck in after that! :) We’re working on getting that issue fixed. Thank you for the report. Also see for updates.

    About the color wheel not coming down far enough, that sounds like a browser specific issue. I tested with Chrome and Firefox, and I could scroll down after clicking the “Select a Color” link on the Appearance → Background page without any problems. Do you still have trouble with that even if you try scrolling after you click the link?


    I checked again for the scrolling problem with the color wheel–

    Answer: In The Hills site I could scroll down far enough this time.

    I also have a practice site in Adventure Journal and I could Not scroll down far enough in that one.

    Also–I have not had scrolling problem with the color wheel before when trying new colors out.



    For the scrolling issue, that’s strange if the color wheel works for you in one blog and not another. I’ll try testing it a bit more to see what I can find out.


    Hello velvetmountains,

    We were able to push out a fix for this problem a little bit ago. I visited you site at and see that the custom background color is showing. Please let us know how this is working for you.


    Hello michaelfields

    I checked “The Hills” blog last night and this morning and the blue is still holding. Thank you So Much for fixing it.

    I sent an email back last night, but don’t know if you received it. My “practiceforperfection” blog (adventure journal) will not hold the color. It stays on the wood grain. Also, the color wheel is to far down to choose colors from the bottom. I do not have the color wheel problem in “The Hills”. Have not had the color wheel problem before.

    Thank you very much for the support!


    Have you tried clicking the “Remove Background Image” button? This should remove the wood grain image and allow the dark blue color to filter through.

    As for the color wheel, I checked it in Firefox on Mac and did not notice and issues with it. Could you please let me know which browser and operating system you are using?


    I just clicked “Remove Background Image” button and the blue did stay this time. I had tried that over the week-end and that would not work.

    Also–when the blue background came in, I checked the color wheel again, and it corrected that problem. Somehow, they must have been related, maybe?

    I certainly do appreciate your help and quick response. WordPress Rocks!!!!!

    I use internet explorer. But—Note—I had not had the color wheel problem until this past week-end at the same time that I was not able to change the background from woodgrain.


    WordPress Rocks!!!!!

    Awww, Thanks :) Bloggers rock too!

    There was a ghost in the machine over the weekend and we have since purged it from our system! I’m glad to hear that both problems have been fixed!

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