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    Hi all,

    A long time viewer, first time poster. First thanks so much to all that ahre their time and knowledge in here.

    I know html fairly well, and was considering buying the css upgrade. I’ve read you can test it first, shich is great. When I do however, I have no idea how to change my main column background from its current greay, to plain white. If someone can show me this, so I can test it, it wil lhelp me dtermine, if it looks like I want it to, and then I cna get the upgrade.

    Thanks for the time.

    My site if anyone would like to see is YOu can seemy latest post has an image with a white background, which now appears a little off because ofthe grey background on the page.

    One other thing, does anyone know if this theme allows you to show the whole articles, as opposedto just a preview? Other thna my main page, all articles in all my categories are summary (I’ve already looked in Options – Reading, but cannot see it anywhere else.

    Thanks again,




    I think yuo can help me.
    Iwould like to try css before buy the upgrade, but I cannot find where to try it.



    Hi. Nice looking blog.

    What you are seeing when you click on categories is the truncated version you would see from the archives. If you go to the bottom of your front page and click on the link to the earlier entries, you’ll see everything remains in its entirety.

    To change the background of your posts, look for the following and simply change #eee to white (you can use the word), removing the hash mark but retaining the semi-colon:

    	border-top: 1px solid #fff;
    	padding: 10px 20px 20px 20px;
    	text-align: left;
    	vertical-align: top;
    	line-height: 18px;
    	color: #000;
    	background: #eee;


    blog111 – from your dashboard go to presentation>edit CSS



    @marsky – I might have misunderstood you. If you wish to change the background of your theme, look for ‘body’ in the css.



    Actually it is just the body of the main message area. I like the black background on the sidebars, I want to change the grey to white in the main message area.

    What you suggested previews exactly like what I’m looking for so I am going to get the upgrade and thank you very much!



    You’re welcome. Once I realized we were using different terms I thought I might have misunderstood you, but I’m glad I read it right the first time. Happy blogging!




    Thanks again, as well as for the comment on my blog.



    Looks even better now! The white really makes the entries pop. And now you’ll be bitten by the CSS Tinkering Bug… :)

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