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Background color different in IExplorer

  1. wildwanderingirl

    Quick--and, I hope, simple!--question here. Today I was on a different computer (someone else's) which they apparently like to keep set on Internet Explorer. I haven't used that in yonks, I prefer Firefox :) . I have a sort of sky blue tone on my background, but on IE it just looks medium/dark gray. Why would that be? Is it fix-able? - thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. supports all the browsers and version here
    If the IE browser was IE8, IE9 or IE 10 it's supported however many are running IE7 and it is not supported.

  3. wildwanderingirl

    I also noticed other people with a similar prob although those users are on Dot Org. I presume it can be fixed with 'custom' WP, which I don't really feel I need...and I don't know diddly about CSS anyway, lol....

  4. wildwanderingirl

    @ timethief, it could very well be that their computer is using an older version of IE, such as IE.7... It was actually the computer at church, they are interested in showing my photos on PowerPoint. You'd think they'd keep their browser up to date, but maybe not... :)

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