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    Can anyone tell me the CSS code to change the background color in Inuit Type Themes?

    Here’s an example from the new Theme Showcase where the blogger changed the background color:

    My blog is

    Thanks for the help!

    The blog I need help with is


    I figured it out! This is fun.

    body {background-color: hex value;}


    CSS is fun. Sometimes a little frustrating, but it is a blast seeing the changes, isn’t it?


    Yes, it is!


    New Question:

    This worked to change the background EXCEPT the area behind the top menu.

    body {background-color: hex value;}

    This changed the background color behind the top menu EXCEPT for about an inch+ on either side, which remains White instead of Papaya Whip.

    .top_menu {

    You can see the problem here:

    1. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? This looks weird.
    2. Not sure why the background color also covers up the little criss-cross design. That’s not a big deal but if there’s an easy way to keep that, it would be nice.

    Thanks for any help you can give me. Its’ greatly appreciated.


    Give this a try.

    body {
    background-image: none;

    The background with the cross-hatch is covered in the center by your color declaration in .top_menu. If you want the white with the cross-hatch you will need to get rid of the background color in .top_menu .

    Alternately you could create another background for the menu area. This is the file and it goes in #wrapper.


    This worked to remove the inch of white at either end of the top menu! Thanks.

    body {
    background-image: none;

    I just like the crosshatch, not the white. :)

    Thanks for this other file/link. I don’t really get that – working with a tiny brain here – but that’s OK. I appreciate the support.


    I have been using the same theme for a while now but haven’t added the CSS feature to my blog. It’s interesting to see what kind of changes you were able to make with CSS.

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