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    I’m trying to set the background color of the text box and borders of my post page to BLACK.

    Any suggestions about how i can do this? (using the css customization page). I’m having the most trouble at figuring out the page id. Do I have to code every single post? Or can i just make the background black?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    Did you mean something like this?

    hacky screenshot

    With a better font color, of course hehe. I’m just trying to figure out which part of the page you want to turn black.



    Yes! Thank you! How’d you do that?



    Do you have the Custom Design upgrade?

    In around line 20 of your style.css, there’s a line that says:
    #page { background: #ffffff; }

    You can change this to #page {background: #000000;}

    You can also add extra rules after the background. Like a color: #eeeeee; to make the text more readable. :)


    Just to clarify, on you should add CSS update to your Appearance → Themes → Customize → CSS panel and not edit style.css directly.



    @designsimply, I’m so sorry. I still get confused about .org and .com. :( And thank you for re-checking my answers.

    @seandlane, looks like you need to overwrite the rules, not edit the style.css itself.

    So in the menu that @designsimply mentioned, just add #page {background: #000000; color: #eeeeee;} to the field where it asks you to enter CSS code. :)


    No worries at all! I’m glad to see you here. :) Welcome!!

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