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    Hi there!

    My blog is I am trying to change the background colour of the posting section. I like the background everywhere else, but not too many people would be happy with the background behind my post text haha. My theme is Adelle. Is there a way to change the posting section to a certain colour then? I have been able to make the background just behind the text change to white with basic html blockquotes but not the whole posting section.

    Does this need to be tinkered with in my CSS? If so, no idea how to even get my style sheet!

    Thank you!


    The blog I need help with is



    I am not a pro here by any means but am researching this among other attributes myself and, yes, to modify the post area background color I believe there is some editing of css required. Furthermore, in order to have your theme-template default to this new color for future posts I believe you must have the CSS upgrade. I am not familiar with your theme though, so you may want to explore customizing the color options if you have not already. Sadly I have all the upgrades they offer here but no time nor energy to fix my own site. You may want to explore the theme and other CSS help pages here… …meanwhile good luck, I hope a wordpress pro here helps you more than I. -j

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