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    I use the Bueno theme. The background color on my posts are fine, but I noticed that the background color on my Pages has changed. My Pages are the About section of our blog.

    I haven’t changed my css code so I don’t understand why the colors changed. It’s white now with a gray boarder, but it should be a light cream color with a tan boarder.

    What’s weird is the background color to the Responses didn’t change. It’s still light cream with a tan boarder.

    The blog I need help with is


    Not trying to be pushy…just thought I’d give this question a bump.



    I’m seeing the same bg no matter what the post or the page (“large-background-90-wider” bg image, #55321B outer bg color).

    But some things are bound not to work, because you’ve made the big mistake of copypasting the entire stylesheet of the theme into the CSS editor. See this post of mine:


    Thanks for your response, Justpi,
    When I started my blog back in 2010, there was nothing in your face and obvious from WordPress about coping and pasting into the CSS editor being a no-no. I only saw references to it in the forum section while looking into something else.
    At the time I was merely trying to work offline in a Word doc because of shoddy internet service.

    Big mistake aside…this issue popped up around Christmas time. For almost two years before that, it was fine.

    My focus is on our “About” pages and I probably wasn’t that clear in my first question. I apologize.
    If you look at this page:
    The picture of the bear in a white box with a gray boarder- that white box and gray boarder is what my original question is about.

    If you scroll down on that page to the Response section, you’ll see it’s a cream color background with a tan boarder. That’s what the white box and gray boarder use to look like.

    It seems to the Pages that are effected, not the rest of the blog where the main blog posts are written.

    I realize this isn’t earth shattering stuff, but I was just kind of curious why the color and boarder changed. I didn’t changed it but I also can’t seem to find how to change it back in the CSS editor.




    Oh, that background! Sorry, I didn’t pay enough attention…

    It changed probably because WP revised the CSS of the theme and added a separate selector for static pages. (I used to copy and save the stylesheet of each theme when the theme was launched: I just checked the stylesheet of Bueno, and there was no such selector at first). So the colors you had changed originally applied to both posts and pages but now they don’t.
    You’ve got this in the CSS editor:

    .post {
    background-color: #FFFFCC;
    border: 5px solid #FFDE9C;
    margin: 0 0 60px;
    padding: 50px 55px;
    position: relative;

    You need to turn it to this:

    .post, {
    background-color: #FFFFCC;
    border: 5px solid #FFDE9C;

    (The margin, padding and position rules are those of the original, so they are redundant, so they should be omitted, as I explain in the post I linked to.)

    And you really should clean up the CSS editor. You can check the Revisions to find what you’ve changed, or you can copy the original stylesheet and compare it with the version you’ve got in the editor to find those changes, then keep only those changes and remove all the rest.



    PS Next time you’ll have a CSS question, please remember to post it in the CSS forum, not the Support forum.


    Thanks justpi.
    When I first posted the question, I honestly didn’t know if it was a really CSS thing, a Bueno thing or a general WordPress thing.

    I suppose it’s obvious now but when it was first noticed around xmas time, I was already dealing with another issue on the blog that wasn’t CSS related and I didn’t know if they were somehow connected.

    I realize my CSS editor is a pigsty and your right, I need to clean it up. Unfortunately I didn’t do that once the blog was set up.

    Thanks again, justpi, for all of your help.
    ps- I was sorry to see you stopped updating on wpbtips. Great info on there.



    You’re welcome.

    “When I first posted the question, I honestly didn’t know if it was a really CSS thing, a Bueno thing or a general WordPress thing.”
    Sorry again – didn’t think of this either!

    “I was sorry to see you stopped updating on wpbtips. Great info on there.”
    Thanks. I’ve stopped updating the theme related posts, but I haven’t stopped publishing new posts.

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