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    I think I have figured out why the changes I am attempting to make to the background are not working.

    Correct me if I’m wrong…

    I am NOT allowed to make any changes to the theme I have chosen????

    I can ONLY use the themes listed under Presentation????

    AND, the theme I have chosen will not allow me to make any changes to it????

    I still can’t figure out why Lorelle sees a different parameters than I actually see on my screen in my CSS Style edit box.

    I am only going to spend one more day (today) trying to figure this out. If I can’t get the background image that I’ve uploaded to work, then I give up. I think I may sign up with a host where I can use WordPress and actually be able to write my own style sheet.

    I don’t want to install Firefox and then start dealing with a whole other list of issues. I don’t think that’s where the problem is … I think the problem is that I was under the impression that I could upload any theme I wanted and use it. Such appears to NOT be the case … from what I gather in scouring WordPress Forums is that the ONLY templates I can EVER use are the ones presented here at WordPress.

    I could be wrong. Won’t be the first time.



    I see the background image now. *shrug* Did a search of the style sheet and the outputted page. Not sure why it didn’t come up.

    I am NOT allowed to make any changes to the theme I have chosen????

    The themes are shared on the WordPress Platform. If you were to make a change to the theme, then you would be affecting it for everybody using that theme and the same if someone else changed something on it. Only way around that is the new CSS style editor.

    I can ONLY use the themes listed under Presentation????

    Yes, this is explained in the FAQ at the top of the forums.

    AND, the theme I have chosen will not allow me to make any changes to it????

    Only with the new CSS editor can you make changes to the theme.

    I think I may sign up with a host where I can use WordPress and actually be able to write my own style sheet.

    Please remember that this is WordPress Multiuser that we’re running here. There are differences between this platform and the normal WordPress software.

    You may want to take a few minutes and read the FAQ posted at the head of the forums as it appears you have questions on what you can and can’t do here.



    Dr. Mike:

    You wrote: Only with the new CSS editor can you make changes to the theme.

    I have paid my $15. I paid it BEFORE I started this odessy. I have the new CSS editor. I have tried. NOTHING changes.

    I have used Sandbox, picked a blank CSS Style, and STILL the style is there. It should have been blank, right? Well, it wasn’t.

    I have deleted entire sections in the style sheet shown for whatever theme I’ve selected and nothing changes. Nothing.

    I have inputted every single suggestion of syntax people have given me here. Nothing changes.



    Could it be a caching problem? When I make a change that affects graphics I press shift as well as reload to clear them from the cache. I’ve had a look at your background and it’s accessible to me.

    Your current theme is Connections so I can’t see your style sheet right now to see the problem.



    Nope, it’s not a cache problem. I clear that every hour or so…a habit I’ve been into for years.

    What do you mean it’s accessible to you? I thought I was the only one who had access to the files I uploaded? How is it possible that others have access to stuff I upload to my account?

    Maybe I’m just not understanding you correctly. Could be, I’m only on my 2nd cup of coffee!!!




    I mean I can see it. I’ve edited my stylesheet and am using your background as a demonstration.

    If you:
    copy my sheet,
    activate Sandbox as the theme
    select the no CSS skin
    edit css
    paste my sheet into your css box
    click save stylesheet

    then you’d have a copy of my site. Obviously you’d want to change colours and layout, but it’d give you a body declaration that works for the background image.

    I have access to the images, because I assume they’re stored as images for blog posts. I can only see them, I can’t delete them.




    If you were here, I’d kiss the ground you walk on!

    I did exactly as you said. The background pic finally showed up!

    It’s not big enough, but I’ll tweak the pic and re-upload the new size. I don’t like the look when I repeat it.

    The columns are out of whack … so I’ll have to figure out how to fix that (I don’t like where they are placed).

    BUT, at least the style saved and the background pic is in place!

    Thank you…thank you…thank you!



    Well you should be able to throw out everything you don’t like or want to change now, so long as you leave the body declaration. If you don’t want it to repeat then

    Would make it stay on screen rather than scrolling out of view.

    Glad that helped.




    I’m nominating you for Sainthood!

    It works exactly like I had hoped for the last 3 days.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    It’s perfect!




    One of the problems that arises in editing pre-existing Themes (rather than using the Sandbox Theme) is that the styling may be so strong (to put it simply) that you just can’t overwrite it. If they have set a specific element’s parent/child relationship very firmly, there is no way you can override it without change the core stylesheet, which you can’t.

    You can only ADD styles and maybe tweak them, but you can’t overcome what’s solidly done.

    Though, as alunsalt described so beautifully, you can take their Theme’s CSS and copy and paste it into the Sandbox Theme’s NO CSS Then, and it “should” work, though it might not find all the embedded images depending upon how they were linked. Then you can dig into this fresh copy of the stylesheet and fix what you couldn’t before.

    Not easy, but doable.




    I get what you mean. Even though I finally got the background pic placed, NOW my blog links are out of alignment!!!

    I have to admit, I sure am learning the hard way!

    It will probably take me another day to fix it once I figure out where and how.

    I can’t wait to get my new book (released last month) which will probably help me a LOT!

    Have a great day…I am reading your web site btw.



    Okay, I miss spoke. And yes, you are learning the hard way.

    You cannot add any old WordPress Theme styles to the CSS Editor. It will not work.

    The style references in the Sandbox Theme are completely different from the standard format and references used in other WordPress Themes. COMPLETELY.

    You have to compare the two and track down which means what where and change them to match the Sandbox Theme. I’ll be writing more on this, but remember, this thing isn’t more than a couple days old. Let those of us who are experts poke and prod at this and then we will write all the instructions you want. ;-) We’re all volunteers here doing the best we can.


    now now, lorelle. you’re suggesting that NOT be used as a beta test for the general WP community. when has that ever happened? i think we’re supposed to let them break it _first_ and then clean up later ;)



    I am this close —-> [ ] to having my blog the way I want it.

    It’s looking pretty good right now. EXCEPT that my sidebars are in the wrong place. They were worse before I started tweaking it. They were off to the right totally.

    But, I KNOW I will fix this darn thing or die trying. But, overall, I think it looks pretty good right now.

    Thanks everyone! I’ll keep reading and tweaking, and drinking enough coffee to make sure I can keep awake until it’s PERFECT! PERFECT I TELL YOU! LOL LOL (evil laugh, too much coffee)!!!



    Here’s some throw it away if you hate it feedback from a nit picky pain in the ass artist. *Warning* I’m an everything’s gotta match for me to be happy type.

    I look at your background and on the right hand side I see a big turquoise/teal/blue/green jewel thingee. I look straight ahead and all I see is a lot of red. Would you consider replacing the red with a colour that is blended with the other colours you’ve got going like (1) one of the turquoise/teal/blue/green jewel thingee colours or (2) the gold colour in the background?

    If you hate this suggestion then don’t respond to it just pretend it didn’t take place, ok.




    Are you referring to the photograph in the background??? Those are bubbles. Coffee bubbles.

    So, I should just lose the photo, right? I agree. I think I’m just going to go with a solid color in the background. I kinda liked the coffee bubbles, but they’re too distracting.

    But, it’s 3 am here. I’m not able to sleep because the sidebar that is sitting in the wrong place is really bugging me and I can’t sleep.

    I’m thinking that it’s just the “fixed” code that I can’t change and that I need to change my theme. The sidebar works fine in other themes. My problem is that I really LOVE the really cool header I created and it only works well within this theme.

    IF ONLY there were more themes!!! (I know, I know, not enough volunteers, too much work!!!)



    Ahh I see. I had no idea that those were coffee bubbles. I sure admire the fact that you’re trying this because I sure don’t have the skills it takes. The best of luck to you snd get some sleep, eh.




    Okay, I changed my entire blog look. I am 99% satisfied with the result … until, that is, I can really get in and change it again!

    Doesn’t it look better now?

    Cleaner, crisper, nothing distracting.

    I’m happy. But then again, I just came back from Starbucks, and that ALWAYS makes me happy!



    It’s a clean and crisp of the theme I use Regulus but where did the posts go?



    They were just test posts. I’m working on my first “official” post right now.

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