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Background colors

  1. The theme has a central column of a particular color with two side columns of the display
    having a diffent color. Is there a way with CSS to make the background color of the entire screen the same?

  2. play with

    background-color: blue;


    in the different tags in your css (i.e: sidebar, column etc) 'till you get it the way you want it. Obviously, blue was just an example. You have to give the different elements the same colour.

    Colours here:

  3. how about a pic as background? like

  4. This is similar. You play around with
    {<br /> background-image: url("location-of-image");<br /> }
    with various selectors. The CSS documentation about this property is here.

  5. Type this
    body {
    background-color: ? (the color you want);

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