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Background colour in wp-login.php ???

  1. Hi

    I'm sorry if this question is really simple but after a while customizing a theme for WPmu I have got stuck on my last job - changing the background colour for wp-login.php from the "white with a hint of blue" colour to my own "custom grey" colour.

    Can anyone PLEASE help me out with where to find the #?????? to change ??

    Thanks for your time


  2. This is the forums for the hosted wordpress sites on an WPMU install. You would need to be over in the self-hosted forums at

    I would imagine though, you should be able to open wp-login.php in your root folder and check out if there is some call to a stylesheet in there or has it in there.


  3. @trent

    Thanks for your reply trent

    Sorry for posting in the wrong place, I reposted at and got the help I needed.

    BTW you were right, the change needed to be made in wp-admin.css, a stylesheet called by wp-login.php :D

    Thanks again


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