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    Hi I’m completely new to this and am totally lost where to start. I am wanting to add a patterned background of sorts to my Website pages. How do I do that and where would I get a design/pattern?
    Where do I go to do this?

    The blog I need help with is


    You can do a search on the internet for website backgrounds or something similar and find a number of sites offering them. Some for free, and some for pay. It is best, if you can find one you like, to use one that is smaller and designed for “tiling” so that it repeats. The keeps your site faster loading than images that are single and large.

    The background is then added by going to appearance > background where you can upload it and set the different options to control how it looks and is aligned.


    If that ends up not giving you quite the look you want, we can also do it with CSS and then make adjustments to get things to look the way you want. Try the first method and then we can go from there.



    Ok great. Thank you so much for your help. One more do I add a copyright image to my pages?


    The easiest way would be to add it in an image widget either in the bottom of your sidebar, or in one of the footer widget areas.



    Thank you.


    You are welcome.


    COLOURlovers is a nice site for finding background patterns. Check download links and licensing info in the right sidebar for individual patterns.

    Patterns will also be available inside the Custom Design upgrade for themes that have colors support (which is still being worked on). You can see a list of themes with color support so far here:

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