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Background doesn't work regardless of theme

  1. My site is

    My background image absolutely will not function. My theme is Clean Home and allows for background image customization, but it is not a theme issue. I've tried several different themes (including Twenty Eleven) and several different images and image types. The backgrounds just stay white regardless of what I do. It won't even change to a solid color. What could be the issue?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can you go to your media library, get the URL of the image and then paste it here in the forums so we can take a look?

  3. Certainly. Here it is.

    And the interesting this is, it worked for like the first hour it was up! And then randomly quit.

  4. Ok, the file is saved in Adobe RGB, which is not the web standard. You need to save the file in sRGB and then use that image. I would also suggest optimizing it down to 72dpi (the web standard) and perhaps a little lower quality on the JPG to where the image file size is down around 200k or less.

  5. Okay, all the suggestions were followed, but it still doesn't work. Here's the URL to the new photograph

    Thoughts on this?

  6. Sorry, I should have caught this. At, never copy and paste the entire stylesheet into the CSS edit window or things like this can happen. You want to put only the specific selectors and specific declarations you are adding or changing and nothing else.

    Quick fix: Take the background declaration out of the "body" rule in your custom CSS.

  7. You, sir, ARE A GOOD MAN.

    Thanks a million.

    -Garrett Raburn

  8. You are welcome and thanks.

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