Background Image Dimensions and Photoblog query for Nishita Theme Background

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    1. I am working on a new blog and was just wondering if there is an exact image dimension for the ‘Nishita’ theme background.

    2. Also, can anyone please tell me if in the ‘Photoblog’ layout of 1024 px, can we upload only an image, or can we also write below/above the image ?

    3. Last question is, how big are the slideshows in the posts. [I tried searching in the Nishita Theme details, but couldn’t find it :( ]

    Thanks in advance !


    1. There are no exact image dimensions, because how much of the bg image a user will see depends on the user’s screen resolution.

    2. The “Photoblog” layout is simply wider – no other difference.

    3. Which slideshow? the WP slideshow or the gallery carousel slideshow?



    Thank you so much Panos. Feels good that its always you who answer my questions !!

    1. So, I can also add text to the ‘Photoblog’; and not only just a picture ??

    2. I was speaking about the WP slideshow. What are its dimensions for the Nishita theme?

    Hope to hear from you soon…


    1. Yes of course: a theme that doesn’t allow you to add text would be a real perversity for a blog.

    2. The dark grey frame is full-width. Unfortunately the images inside it are max height 410px and max width 388px, so a lot of useful space is wasted.



    Oh man, thank you so so much !!
    Its really such a pleasure that you helped me and always help me. I am honoured.

    PS ~ Tell me if I can anyway rate you to be an ‘Awesome’ WP helper. Thanks man !!


    You’re welcome.

    No you can’t rate us, and you don’t have to, but thanks!

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