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    Hello everyone.

    I decided that I wanted to replace the single-color background that came with my theme. I uploaded an image and I like how it looks, but the file size is huge (1.7 MB). What’s the biggest file size any of you would recommend for a background image? I don’t want something so big that it will prevent traffic from coming to my blog.


    I recommend never going over 100k at the very maximum and I myself would rather see something around 75k. There are a lot of people still on slower internet connections (under 1Mbps) and large images make the pages load very slowly and that sends people away.

    You need to heavily optimize that image and save it as a “low” quality JPG, and even then (since I don’t know what it is right now) it might still end up over 250k.



    I’ve managed to get it to under 300k so far. Since I don’t have other photos (except for my header, which is a measly 20k), hopefully I can get away with this. Thankfully, the background image loads last (which means people can read as the image loads if need be), so this may have to do.

    I am using a fixed (as opposed to scrolling) attachment setting and about half of my image got cropped off. Maybe that will help too.

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