Background image postition different in IE6 and IE7/Firefox

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    I am currently trying to create a blog for the poker league I work for in the UK using wordpress.

    I had quite an easy time customising the blog to look like the rest of the site and was very happy with how it looked. Then I opened it in Firefox to use the web development tools I have installed in it to check the validation and before I started I noticed that the background image (a big black space with two grey bars running vertically down it) was about one pixel to the left of where it should have been. This makes the whole page look sort of broken.

    I have tried everything I can think of to fix this problem. I have experimented with the .css, changing margins, padding, column widths and everything else. The only solution I have found so far to fix firefox’s display of the page screwed up IE6’s display something rotten.

    I don’t have access to IE7 here, but I have asked a friend who has vista and they have confirmed that the website looks the same in IE7 as it does in firefox, with the background one pixel out.

    Please help me, the website’s blog can be found at and the .css file at

    I have been told that one way to fix this would be to use javascript to detect which browser is viewing the page and make two seperate .css files, one for each browser, but I am not too familiar with javascript and cannot see where to input this.

    If there is any other stuff I could post that could help please tell me.



    i think you have a self-hosted blog, in which case you have to go to to place your query. this is the forum for bloggers hosted by please correct me if i’m mistaken.


    ok sorry, didn’t realise

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