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    I want to put my own background image up but it only wants to tile as the image is small. Is there a size to make the image fit the whole page?

    The blog I need help with is



    We cannot see your private blog and have no idea which theme you are using. Which theme is it please?



    I’ve had the exact same problem as gezzas. I use the Tarski theme layout, but with with a custom header image. I was hoping to fill in the background below the header image with a image of clear blue sky, rather than the flat blue color background. Any thoughts, please do let me know.

    My blog is



    @gezzas, there is no “size” that is going to work for everything because right now you have screen sizes from around 300px wide (smartphones) to over 2500px wide (large desktop monitors). Trying to use a 3000px wide image to cover everything is going to mean the image is going to be huge file size wise and that will take loading times for your site to an absolute crawl, especially for those on slower internet connections and there are still a high number out there on 1Mbps or slower connections. My wireless internet service averages about 300kbps at the best of times and down around 50-100kbps when the network is loaded.

    Make yourself an image about 1200px wide x 800px tall, optimize it and save as a low quality JPG at 72dpi and then choose a background color to set that blends as best as it can at the edges of the image.


    @stevendeedon, Tarski supports a custom background so all you have to do is prepare your image, go to appearance > background and upload it there.

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