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    I have been working for hours trying to get my background image to show up correctly. The background image I designed is set to 2000px wide x 1100px high. My main content body is set to 900px wide. Yet when I insert the link into the body selector on my css, it leaves a ton of empty space on either side of the background and hides the cool part of the background behind the main body. I’m confused…if my main body is 900px, and the image is way bigger than that, why is there so much extra space rather than my background taking up the whole background?
    Link to site:

    body {
    background:#000000 url(‘’) center repeat-y;
    font:62.5% Georgia, “Times New Roman”, Times, serif,;

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi! The blog you refer to does not appear to be a wordpress.COM site. If you are running software, you will need to go to

    Here’s an article on the difference:


    Oops I typed the link wrong:



    Hello there,
    I cannot help you with CSS editing but there is Staff support for the custom design upgrade. You will have to wait for them to help you as the support link is not available until at 12PM UTC on Monday 4th July.


    This background image you have is NOT 2000px wide. It is 1024px wide. Do not upload the background image to somewhere like photobucket. That will seriously mess with you and really slow down the loading of your site. If fact, do not upload any image that has to do with the theme and your customizations to anywhere but your wordpress media library.

    This is what is actually being sent from photobucket: .



    Please help!
    I have a theme Coraline. And I need to know the EXACT size of the background.
    It is very important!
    And more. Why in different browsers page of the site looks differently?
    I want the site looked like this – as on my monitor! What should I do?
    My site



    Theme Staff have not provided this information for us. You can use your browser, go to the front page of your blog, and click view source code and determine the background size required.

    All browsers display differently. Suffice to say if you and your visitors are running an outdated browser version then the display you see will not be the best display possible. All browser can be upgraded here
    You can use this link to verify how your blog displays in all browsers

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