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    how to embed background audio or music with the blog page?

    The blog I need help with is



    It can be done, but personally I’ll be off that page within seconds.

    Here are some previous discussions on the topic found by entering “background music” in the search box here:



    I never stay on a page that begins playing music without my doing anything,;it’s always annoying, but particularly if the only way to turn it off is to mute my computer. It doesn’t even matter if it’s playing music I might otherwise like.

    It’s especially jarring when using the computer at night or when with others who will notice that suddenly music is coming from your computer.


    Yeah. Must confirm what justjennifer and mmadfan said. That’s a certain way to lose 99 % of your visitors immediately. Don’t do it. Ad a button to turn on music for those who need.

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