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    Hi there,
    My site (with Modularity Lite theme) was working perfectly until this morning when I noticed that the background I had uploaded and been using was gone. When I’d access my site I’d just see the generic black background instead of my picture. Under the “Appearance” -> “Background” tab it appears to all be normal. The picture is there and uploaded. I tried removing it and replacing it with different pictures but nothing will show up. I tried it under different themes but under no circumstances am I getting background images to appear. I can change the color of the background, but that’s it.. I haven’t messed with the CSS at all. Please help me out if you have any ideas.. this has been quite the hassle.. :)

    The blog I need help with is



    I am seeing your custom background on your site.
    What happens when you directly access the background image file?



    It says “Image” in the upper left hand corner but I’m not seeing anything. I can right click it and “refresh image” but still nothing…



    That is one huge-ass image. You should replace it with the same image, optimized for the web (ie at a lower resolution). No wonder you’re not seeing it; it’s so big it’s choking your internet!


    My gawd, it’s a 2mb file.

    You never, ever want a background image that is over 50k.

    I just tried going to the lowest setting in Photoshop through the save for web and devices, and I can’t get it under 136k.

    You need to downsize that image which is currently at 3648 x 2726 to something around 1600 x whatever and then save it as a lower quality or medium quality jpg.



    Ahh.. I see… I’ll be changing that later today…
    Thanks for the help! Appreciate it!



    You’re welcome. It’s an easy fix, at least!



    my blog’s theme is blank!!!! since Tuesday. Checked the securties and fixed that but now still have the blank or white page as background instead of theme.


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    The site linked to your name is not a blog. If you have a blog, please provide a link, starting with http://

    By the way, it is best not to hijack a thread: too many different topics in one thread is too confusing. Start a new thread with a link.



    The background is fine on the spammer – and they are not even a blog or seem to be WordPress anything.


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    I don’t think he’s a spammer. I suspect he has a blog or blog; lots of real estate businesses maintain blogs in addition to their official company sites.

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