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background not loading and layout is off alignment

  1. biancajadeblog

    I am currently using the bueno theme and I am experiencing some annoying issues with it. I have paid the upgrade to change my css, although I have discovered that I have no idea how to code. This theme comes with a custom background, but it will not display my background image. I even tried just adding a background color and that will not work either. When I previewed the bueno theme and other themes the background image displays and as soon as I activate the theme, it disappears. Also, the layout is all skewed. The header is over to the left and the post titles are off alignment and scooted to the top edge of the post box.
    Please help.... at my wits end!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. biancajadeblog

    Here is the link

  3. Start by deleting everything from the CSS editor: you've messed things up because you've pasted the entire stylesheet. That's wrong - see here:

  4. biancajadeblog

    That's strange.... I never pasted the style sheet... all I did was activate the theme? I actually never did anything to the CSS editor. I'm confused. Do I clear the CSS and then re-activate the theme?

  5. biancajadeblog

    I tried it and it worked!! Thank you so much!
    Can you help with a few other requests?
    How can I change the navigation menu fonts and make them smaller?
    How to change the purple border around the photos to gray?

    Much Thanks!

  6. You're welcome.
    a) My guess is you switched to Bueno after using a different theme. You had probably pasted the stylesheet of the other theme then forgot about it.
    b) Users who have the Custom Design upgrade are entitled to staff support. You should start a thread in the CSS forum and wait for a staff reply.

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