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    Hello :)
    I’m still chipping away at my various CSS issues, here’s my latest:

    I’m trying to use an image as my background, and have it fixed at the top right of the page, and fill all available space. I just saw what it looks like on a bigger screen than the one I am working on and there’s a lot of dead space around it. How can I make it fill all the vertical space, no matter the size of the window?
    I’d also like for the image to stick to the right hand side, so that if I make the browser window narrower it won’t cut off.

    I’d really appreciate any help, and thanks again for all your help so far :)


    The blog I need help with is


    Oh, I forgot to mention… (sorry),
    At the moment, when I make the browser window wider, there’s a white strip showing. I’d like my image to sit nicely right up against the edge.



    Vertically you cannot. The best thing to do would be to rework the image a little and fade the bottom edge to white so the sharp edge isn’t there.

    Where are you talking about the white strip? I don’t see one at the right browser window edge in Safari or Firefox.


    Oh, ok. Yes, I’ll do that then, thankyou!

    And I managed to make the white strip go away – I’m not really sure how, but it’s gone :)

    Thanks again!


    You are welcome.

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