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background trouble..

  1. does anyone know how to get a full size image as your background.. you know not tiled or anything.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thanks for getting back to me, though it didnt help that much

  3. can anyone else help please?

  4. When you go to set the background image, or upload one, you will see this on that page after uploading the image (or choosing from the media library):

    Notice where it says, "Repeat"? You have to choose No Repeat and then save the changes.

  5. ok I will try this

  6. this didnt work because I want it full size

  7. You have to create an image large enough before you upload it. WordPress will not take an image and stretch it to infinity. Background images are not something that is one size fits all. Someone might be viewing your site on a netbook with a 800px wide screen, and then someone like me comes along with a huge desktop monitor that is 2560px wide.

    My suggestion, based on monitor use data, is to make the image 1500px wide by 1000px tall, optimize it heavily so that it is under 250k in file size (150k is even better), and then set a background color that is complimentary to the image you are using so that there isn't a stark edge between the image and the background color if someone has a larger monitor, or has their browser window set real wide.

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