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    1. Looking thru forum topics, found 1 post on similar issue, but no match for exact problem.
    2. Have the CSS upgrade
    3. Modified the width on my Connections theme as follows:

    #header {width: 1000px;}
    #headimg {width: 1000px;}
    #main {width: 1000px;}
    #rap {width: 1000px;}
    #content {width:750px;}

    … however, that cool background “shadow” effect isn’t being changed. I’m poking thru the code now to see what that parameter might be… anyone have any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is



    FYI… have found a few blogs using Connections who have successfully modified the width; here’s one:



    (Frustration = fat fingers.. ugh).

    FYI… have found a few blogs using Connections who have successfully modified the width; here’s one:

    As I compare them the 2 things I’m struggling to find the CSS code for are:
    1. KEEP FROM DEFAULT:trullingers has completely lost the nice drop shadow/background effect that the Connections default has, and

    2. CHANGE FROM DEFAULT: she’s been able to increase the size of the banner/header. I tried just uploading a larger banner after increasing the width, and of course there’s more to it than that so mine looked like crap.

    Will spend time trawling thru the forum for the appropriate css code for the background shadow, and the header width, but any insight appreciated.



    The drop shadow is part of a jpg image that is in #rap background. It is 783px wide and 3px tall and repeats in the “y” direction. What you would have to do is make a new image similar to it that is wider and then play with the width settings to get things looking just right.

    The full URL of the jpg is

    On the header, once you get the CSS upgrade you can no longer use the custom header upload feature. You have to put the URL of the image directly into the CSS ( #headimg ).



    Really? How’d you find that url? Hmmm.. there must be a thread somewhere with all that cool stuff in it – must look MORE!

    Tsp, I declare… the more posts I read, the more I am in “AWE-R” of you! (LOLOLOL)

    Really, I was about to give up. But between you (and drmike), I feel reeeeeeeally comfortable trying to make something cool out of my little piece of WP. I know you guys are volunteers, so I dunno what else I can say, but THANKS – so “THANKS!!!”


    You’re welcome.

    I use a Firefox addon called Firebug that allows me to easily find what part of the CSS controls things in the pages, and when I right click on the relative URL in the #rap background, I can copy the full URL of the image.

    If you are going to be working with CSS, the Firebug addon is very useful and I also have two others, Aardvark, with is another one that allows you to quickly identify what part of the CSS controls things on pages, and I also have the Web Developer addon, which is sort of the “kitchen sink” of addons but because it does so much, it has a steeper learning curve.



    Dude… I just peeked back here because it didn’t work on my 1st attempt (shocker) and I was kicking myself for not knowing CSS, but I knew I’d closed the post.


    Firebug & Aardvar, eh — yeah, I use Firefox so I’m doing that post haste! (Think I’ll leave WDaddon until I’m out of training wheels).

    Much much gratitude. Don’t feel quite so horrified now!…



    TSP — thanks for mentioning Aardvark — that looks pretty useful in somewhat different ways than Firebug.


    You’re welcome. Firebug sometimes I can’t get to identify an element properly, and then I switch to Aardvark and it does, and sometimes the other way around.



    I’m using connections as well but my header keeps disappearing. Anyone know how to fix this?


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