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backing up blog posts? Why can't I save a copy on my computer?

  1. Hi,

    I was just wondering if there is any way I can "save" a back up copy of my posts & pages on my own computer? ie. with a normal webpage, you can click on File - Save As - and then choose "Webpage (complete)" which would normally save a copy of that page on your hard drive together with a folder of the related images, so that it will display correctly, even if you're not online...

    Well, I tried to do that with my blog - starting with the Homepage - and it seemed to go OK (I could see it saving all the images, etc) and then suddenly, just as it got to 99% Saved...a pop-up window appeared saying "This Webpage Could Not Be Saved" - why is that?

    Is it because of my RSS feeds? I have a long list of RSS feeds of other blogs in my sidebar...are they the ones causing the problem?

    Is there any other way I could save a copy of my pages and posts??

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can download a copy of all of your posts using the Tools / Export feature.

    I don't know why your browser would refuse to save a copy of the page - sounds like a browser bug.

  3. Thanks! I will give that a try... :)

  4. By the way, how could I fix a browser bug?

    For example, I've been noticing also that whenever I try to load the widget page - it "freezes" and I get a pop-up message saying something like "this page is running a script that will cause your computer to run more slowly - stop running the script? Yes/No" - and I have to click on "No" if I want my widgets to show up correctly - if I click on "Yes" - the page just remains frozen.

    This has only started a while go, in fact, I think since the changes in the way our dashboards are displayed (ie. now we can just drag widgets to the correct place) - so I'm guessing that there is something my browser doesn't like about the new WordPress dashboard?

    I'm using IE 7 - is there anyway I can fix this - and possibly also enable me to save a copy of the page?
    (- The reason I thought it was the RSS Feeds that was the problem is because I managed to save a friend's WordPress blog which does not have any feeds in the sidebar and that page save OK. )


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