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Backing up posts

  1. Is there any way I can back-up and save all the posts I have made on the blog? I realise that I have researched and written quite a bit and it worries me that all that may be lost if the server crashes or something (which I pray will not happen!)?

  2. download the xml file of your blog. dashboard -> manage -> export

    staff has said before that they have many servers and do plenty of backup so your blog should be safe. in any case, should anything happen, the xml file of your blog can be used to start another blog with your archives.

  3. Hello Sulz

    Once this XML backup is done ,how can we as individual blog owners restore individual posts from this XML file please? In my case I have been waiting weeks for WordPress to restore posts and if I could have done the restore myself it would be a h*lla less stressful than what I am going through now.

    Please advise and thanks for reading.

  4. the xml file is used to upload your posts into a blog, whether at or at other blog hosts.

    i'm not sure what you mean by restoring posts.

  5. Hi, thanks so much for your advice. Will go and try to do some back-up just in case, but it's reassuring that WordPress has multiple servers to do back-ups!

  6. yeah, you can never be too careful. :)

  7. Yup, oh just to be sure, when we export, the original stuff still remains on the blog, right?

  8. Yes.

  9. Great, thanks!

  10. Sulz -
    Er um - I meant what I asked and that is how do I restore individual posts from that file.
    Or are you saying that must one install/restore the entire file only?

    Thanks in advance

  11. i don't understand what you're asking the first time. what i know is that you download the xml file, which contains all your posts, comments, categories, and widget information if i'm not wrong. then when you import it to a new blog (you can upload it to your current blog, but only if it's empty), it will upload all those stuff i've just mentioned; i don't think you can put up individual posts. this is done by yourself, not by

  12. This is a good resource for disaster planning:

    When you "import" an XML file, it will only import what is missing, it doesn't double up anything.

  13. I think Sacred path has answered the question Sultz.

    Ok - This is how I understand it - the entire file is imported and it overwrites/replaces the exisiting XML file to restore anything that has gone missing? There is no option to restore single posts:This is just one huge file of everything - right?

    Have I got it?

  14. @sondan Yep, well, thats what I understand too. I read what happened to you on another thread but what I think this .xml file could help you to do, especially if, say, you had downloaded an .xml file, but you had added stuff to your blog in the meantime: you could open the whole of the .xml file into a new blog that you would open here at Then you cut and paste your lost posts. Quite long if you have loads, but I guess, just to know that the content of all the posts is safe somewhere, is still a relief. Or you export an.xml file after every post, just to make sure you've got always everything (tedious I know, and Im not doing that either but hey... we never know...). Combined with using an offline editor for those long posts that might disappear while-you-write, and a combination of feedburner and gmail for the latest posts, that could work well. I have no blogroll so export works quite well for me.

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