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Backslash appearing before ' in my blogroll links?

  1. They've appeared today, eg "Let's Talk" now appears as "Let\'s Talk" but when I look at the links to edit the \ out, it's not there.

    I'm using Kubrick (default) on an Intel Mac running Firefox 3.5.3. Is anyone having the same issue?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Me too. But I just go to edit link, delete the backslashes, and woo-hoo! They're gone.

  3. thing is, in the edit page there are no backlashes. i tried deleting them and quotation marks, then typing quotation marks again and it least in the blogroll, but some of my categories with quotation markes are also affected

  4. I suspect those code elves in the forest have been busy again.

    My suggestion is to contact staff directly about it so they can make whatever changes they need to: .

  5. They don't show up in editing links mode for me...I've notified support, hopefully they'll fix it. Interestingly for me it's not happening in my categories and other sidebar widgets, only (so far) in the blogroll links.

  6. I had it in my blogroll, and categories links. But the backslashes were all editable.

  7. Mine still aren't, and I haven't heard a thing from support about it either...

  8. It takes a little while sometimes, for them to reply to emails.

  9. I've submitted support requests and NEVER heard back from them. Usually the problem goes away though.

    This one hasn't...

  10. I'm sorry. Try send another?

  11. Fixed!!! Just heard from them. Hooray.

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