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    can we get the database backup and import?
    or just import our blog from rss xml?



    I’d love to at least import posts from a database; but it’s not possible as far as I know.



    Importing is on the way, but it’s a little buggy. There are importers for Blogger, Livejournal, MT and RSS and possibly others but we have to be 100% certain that they work ok before we put them live.



    There are also plans for a general WordPress import/export, which would allow you to bring your external WordPress blog into and also take all your content out if you wanted to run WordPress yourself on your own web host.



    I moved from blogger to last month and I would like to import my posts from blogger, What importers are currently available for blogger to or RSS to

    Thank You..



    Racedriven, as it says two posts above you:

    “There are importers for Blogger, Livejournal, MT and RSS and possibly others but we have to be 100% certain that they work ok before we put them live.”

    That means these importers are not available right this second, but we’re looking into making them available soon.



    I would defently love to have a WordPress import/ export function, as I can’t make up my mind to have my blog here or host it myself..


    Thanks for looking into import. As a former user with 1,640 posts on my other blog, I’d greatly appreciate an import feature. Thanks for looking into it, and for providing an excellent free service.



    I’m more concerned about export. Currently the only method of creating a usable backup is to inconvenience my subscribers by increasing the number of posts in my RSS feed, which I’m naturally unwilling to do.



    looking forward to..



    Thanks for looking into import/export. I believe what I want is to backup all those posts and comments to my local harkdisk to let me read them off-line. In this way, WP help us just as a personal knowledge management tool. Very cool !



    Anyone know when this feature will be added? I was just going to maunually add each post (HUGE PAIN, but what else can I do?) but if the import feature is going to be added in very soon, I may just wait. So, will it be added within a week or two, or are we talking months?



    yeah, can you look into it ASAP. i am sick of blogger..


    Add me to that too… I shifted from RediffBlogs to Blogger recently (read: a month back), because Rediffblogs was pathetic. Then I found that Blogger is s-l-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-w… I wish I had found you guys earlier…

    I found WP (.org) three months back, but I didn’t know you allowed hosted sites (on .com). For the past six months I have always thought WP was a paid service. Suddenly today I found you guys and I freaked!

    Well, that’s almost a testimonial for you there, in case you care to have one from petty users like us…




    Donncha and Matt

    Read this w/regards to the current import functionality on

    I want to hop over from but I need to save my comments too. right now the RSS feed import facility slurps up the comments as new posts.



    “right now the RSS feed import facility slurps up the comments as new posts.”

    It does if you want to move to a blog that you create anywhere else.
    Right now it looks like posts are fine, but comments stay here …………………………………


    Im using ModBlog, but due to some server issues, i’d like to make a new blog here on Well, i made my blog, but im not going to go through and add all my posts manually. I can back-up my ModBlog via ‘text’ or ‘ModBlog XML’…will either of those be supported? Im going to assume the ‘text’ will be since its plain text, but im still hoping for the ModBlog XML.



    You could probably adapt the XML file to RSS or Livejournal format and use those importers, since both those formats are also XML. I don’t think either of those will import comments, though, so you may have to convert it to Movable Type format if you need to pull those in.

    I don’t think ModBlog has a wide enough userbase to make it worthwhile adding a ModBlog-specific importer, but as long as you have some kind of editable export file it can be tweaked into a format that wordpress will accept.


    Not sure how i would import the comments…doesnt matter, but if i can then i’ll try. But i do want my posts.



    Could anyone please help me out?
    i tried to import my Blogger blog.
    But it turned out an error:

    “Couldn’t resolve host ‘’Your Blogger blog did not take the new template or did not respond.”

    All my original post encoded in Chinese Traditional(Big5) became garbage!
    And no post moved into WordPress…


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