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    Is there some way to backup my postings? I just realized that I have over 60 postings and I wouldn’t want to lose them.

    The blog I need help with is


    Member has redundant server farms in three separate locations so I doubt you dtat witll ever be lost. :)

    1. Use an Offline Blog Editor
    The time to backup your posts is while you are writing them. The best method of doing so is to use an offline blog editor to compose your posts in and to publish the posts directly into your blog. if you use one then you have a backup of every post and page you create on your own computer.

    2. Subscribe to Your Blog’s RSS Feeds
    By subscribing to the rss feeds to your blog and setting them on “full” feed you will have a back-up of every post you publish and every comment posted. If you also wish to backup the images in posts there are different RSS feed reader services to consider as only some include them.

    3. Periodically Export Backup Copies and Save them to Disc
    There is an import and export function in your wordpress dashboard and you can export the posts, comments, categories and pages out of one blog and import them into another blog or install with ease.

    4. Backup your blog using Feedburner and Gmail
    “Subscribe to my Feedburner email subscription with a Gmail address that includes a label that will be automatically filtered to my archives when it comes in. Using your Feedburner email subscription, any new posts you publish will automatically be sent to your subscribers. Add yourself in with your normal Gmail address plus a label, and have it filtered to your archives! Viola! Now your entire posts will be emailed to you and saved in your Google account whenever you publish.”



    edit: “you dtat witll ” ought to have been “your data will ”



    Thank you.



    You’re welcome and best wishes with your blog. :)

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