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    One of my pages on my blog, Baseball,(, wasn’t showing up properly from editing the page to going to the finished product on my blog. I set all of my posts on that baseball page to be bulleted, but I recently had problems having each post lineup with bullets intact. I then took the bullet format off of my page and redid it. then I went back to my blog page and the indents were wrong, some were still bulleted and some werent; one of my posts was even in italics. Then when I was selecting certain posts to hopefully restore order, I lost everything, all of my writings on that page as well as the few pictures that I had inserted. I was hoping that WordPress had a backup system so i could restore my page to where it was prior to this mess.
    If anyone can led some advice in helping me backup my page, that would be most helpful.



    Well, if you don’t see any revisions available at the bottom of the Write Editor page for that particular Post, then it’s most likely gone. There are a couple of places you can try to recoup the Post: Google’s cache of your missing Post or The Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine”.

    Generally speaking there are no individual back ups unless you do it yourself via Export/Import. I’d probably contact Support directly before taking that step if you can’t patch your Post together from the above suggestion.

    Are you typing directly into the Write Editor on WordPress COM or are you cutting and pasting from an external source? Many times formatting problems develop because of cutting and pasting from MS Word.

    By the way-just out of curiosity where have the dates gone on your Posts?

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