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Backup up WordPress

  1. Hi.

    Historically, has WordPress ever lost someone's blog or a large part of it?

    Is there any way of automatically backing up an existing blog going back several years other than by simply saving each post as a file?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can Export your blog and save the XML file on your PC - that will save the text of all your Pages and Posts. No way to export your media (image) files other than save them one by one to your PC.

  3. Thank you. Does that work on a Mac and does it include comments? How do I actually do it, if that's not too hard to explain?

  4. Works on a Mac and you can bring the comments also. Takes longer to explain than to start the export.


  5. Thanks.

  6. You be welcome

  7. say that they have multi-site backups so that your data is very safe anyway. That said there was someone on these forums who claimed that their posts did just disappear once!

  8. I think if there are co Admins on a site, it is particularly wise to make regular exports. specifically states that anyone with an Admin role has full control over the site, right down to deleting it, and if they do it isn't considered wrongdoing.

    The moral of the story? Be very, very cautious about who you give Admin rights to!

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