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  1. I think wordpress should have a proper backup system so that if you get hacked or your blog has a problem you can just upload the file and it will be EXACTLY the same as before, if you can already do this please tell me

  2. WordPress does have a proper backup system so if your name isn't chewypup it will do that.

    Or you can take responsibility for your own backups, OR you can pay someone. Up to you.

  3. jacqueline1230

    I don't know if Blogcollector works with WP I think it does not? I used it over at Blogger and it was dreamy.

  4. I just lost every post I've ever posted. How do I get them back?

  5. First, you explain what happened a bit better, so we can work backwards. Tell us, for instance, if you can see the posts under Manage.
    Then, you give us a direct link to the blog in question, starting with http.
    Then, you check Google for the cached versions of your blog posts.

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