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  1. Hi - I just finished writing my conclusion page to my blog, which was humongous, and then finding WP only saved the first 3 paragraphs! (I had some centered text, and it just refused to save anything past that.) I didn't know the procedure for searching for a backup or archive - I assume WP has something, so I just rewrote it :(. Can someone quickly tell me of any procedure or steps to go through in these cases like these? And is there an easy way to backup the entire site?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't see ANYTHING on your site at all are you talking about a completely different site? If so, we need a link.

  3. I have yet to publish for the first time. Have the blog right now set to go in the future. Your link is (will) be correct. Thanks for answering.

  4. To make a backup for (not for huge blogs) you can do an export file:

    On your admin dashboard, menu column, hover Tools, select Export, click Export (new), choose All Content, click Download Export File. This is a file suitable for transferring to any compatible blog site, but that would include WP.COM, too.

    For huge blogs, break it up by months under Posts, Pages, Feedback choices instead of the All Content choice.

  5. Whoops! The link now is R.E.D. - Reality, Ego, Delusion. Sorry - I had recently changed it from - I see your answer - good enough (but all that work I did on the last page was just lost, huh?)

  6. It may or may not be lost.

    This is a downside of not publishing posts...if you'd published it, it probably would have saved. There's a recurrent bug where long drafts are not autosaved, or large parts of them are not saved. Until we find out what's causing it, I suggest all people who make long posts work in an offline blog editor like Windows Live Writer.

  7. Ah, there's so much to learn, thank you for the tips.

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