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Bad Form, Bad Idea

  1. I'm looking for a advice, I hope this is not the wrong forum. I have a blog in a certain niche, and I have entered the WordCount Blogathon. Is it bad form, or a bad idea if I want to create a place on my blog where I can share articles
    I write for the blogathon. These articles would be of a personal nature, and not related to my niche. With these
    I'm not concerned with Google juice, or promoting them with a competitive spirit, I just want to share them with
    whoever may stop my my blog. Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Ok not sure what the "WordCount Blogathon" but I am assuming it may be some kind of contest? If so, do the rules stipulate that you can only write on one topic for the words to count?

    Anyway...I have two suggestions for you to consider. The first is to create a new "Page" within your blog where you can write about anything you want. That would allow you keep them separate. The second it to just create a second blog site at WP (if you do it while logged on it will automatically link the two sites) and use that one to blog about everything outside of your "niche".

    Hope that helps.

  3. @tfockler, thank you for your advice. At this point I'm a little too exhausted to start another blog here at wordpress.COM, but of course any future blog I start would be here.
    I was thinking of starting a "off topic, or personal stuff" place/page/archive on my blog.
    But I just don't want it to damage my niche, and what I'm attempting to build there.
    When I started blogging (and I'm a new blogger) I didn't think I would want to share anything personal about myself, but now an increasing desire to share some things.

  4. Then Joe I think the idea of creating a seperate page titled...."off topic" or "out in left field" is the way to go for now. Remember you can describe any way you like so your readers know that it has nothing to do with the main blog topic.

    Acutally I have several pages on my own site and I have found that with the ability to "order" them as I like it is almost like having a second blog anyway since I can create the PARENT PAGE to explain what that section is about and then when I add to it with CHILD PAGES each one becomes a stand alone blog. So I think that could work for your situation until you decide if you want an actual second blog.

    Oh and just for is a site I created to help new people figure all this kind of stuff fancy terms, no tech talk just plain simple to follow english...take a peek..Oh and it uses PAGES as its format too so you will be able to see that in action.

  5. I have another question, If I create a sidebar widget, titled say "off topic" or personal stuff", where on my blog would those articles reside. Would I have to create a new page that would show at the top of my blog were the "about" page is or the "other articles I've authored" page is? or can that page been hidden? in other words, by clicking a link in the sidebar widget would it take readers straight way to my off topic articles?
    I visited your blog, you've done a wonderful job. I'm still trying to figure this stuff out.

  6. @joer223
    There is no need to physically separate these articles from the others in your blog by placing them on a single static Page or on multiple static Pages.

    You can change every one of those negatives ^ into a positive for your blog by simply publishing them as posts. Publish these personal blogathon stories (the blogger behind the blog stories) as posts posts. Create a specific Category (or a hierarchy of Category with sub-categories) and assign it (them) to the posts along with appropriate tags.

    1. Pages sit outside the blog structure and are meant to be used for content that rarely, if ever, changes.
    2. They receive very little search engine attention.
    3. They cannot be assigned Categories and Tags.
    4. Editing a static Pages to add another story to it is a non-event.
    5. Other bloggers do not tend to backlink to Pages.
    5. There is next to no Google juice in Pages and they make next to no contribution to achieving a PageRank for the blog.

  7. TiTi, I think I understand what you're saying, but what I want to publish is of a very personal nature, far off topic from what I've been publishing, and I didn't know if it would be bad practice, or bad form, or damage the integrity of what I'm trying to do in the niche, and of course you know the niche better than anyone I know of. To get a better idea of what I'm talking about if I made a post about something as personal as addiction, I don't think it would look good, or set well next to a post on generating traffic. So therein lies my quandary. And I just didn't want to invest the time right now in starting a new blog, I will however if this would be the best approach. I just feel to exhausted at the moment to do that. Any advice you offer here is greatly appreciated!

  8. Obviously the best choice is to start another blog. I would choose it hands down and publish the stories in it as posts.

    I do not accept the I'm too tired to create another blog blah, blah, bah. It takes moments to create a blog and publishing the stories there rather than in the existing blog takes exactly the same amount of time.

    It takes moments to register a new blog whether or not it's associated with the first one is also a choice.

    Whether or not the blog is private or public - now or in the future is also a choice.

    The email address you register another blog here with is the unique identifier.

    If you want to get another blog and do not want it to be associated with your current blog and username then you log out of and register under a new username and provide a different email address than the one you have registered your joer223 account with.

    If you don't care to have 2 separate username accounts and disassociated blog then you simply stay logged in and register a new blog.

    I have a lot of blogging to catch up on so I will not be retuning to continue this discussion. Best wishes with your blogging. :)

  9. @joer223
    I am doing a happy dance because I just visited your new blog - way to go!

  10. @TiTi Again, what can I say? except......Thanks

  11. I am red-faced. Stop it and get back to your blogging! ... lol:D

  12. @joer223
    Sorry I didn't get back sooner but with it being Mom's Day and all the kiddies took me to lunch and yeah it ran longer than expected.

    Anyway. Thanks for the thumbs up on my site and I hope you subscribed so you can go back if you need to (I am updating it all the time)

    Now as for you problem here. I agree with Time, a New Blog would be my first choice as well and it really doesn't take much time to set it up. Other than that her suggestion of "POST" is a good options as is setting them to private. I know it can get kinda techical sometimes with posts and subposts so maybe thinking of it in terms of a book with chapters and subchapter will help. wish you luck and if at any time you need more personal help you find out how to write me directly outside of WP on my blog.

    Good luck and I will be popping in to read you.

  13. @tflocker60 The new blog is up! See the showcase forum.

  14. I know it can get kinda techical sometimes with posts and subposts so maybe thinking of it in terms of a book with chapters and subchapter will help. wish you luck and if at any time you need more personal help you find out how to write me directly outside of WP on my blog.

    LOL :D

  15. @TT

    ;) *winking at timethief*

    Hope you're well!

  16. I'm so glad my non-technical explanation of the differences between pages and posts was understandable to a newbie like yourself. Thanks for marking this thread "resolved". :)

  17. @TT

    Your explanation was very clear.....thank YOU! ;)

  18. @TT
    As side note I hate being a newbie.....when does that wear off?..*scratches head*

  19. I haven't a clue as I'm learning new things everyday myself maybe we are destined to be newbies forever ... SHRUG ;)

  20. @joer I have learned by trail & error that mixing content that doesn't fit with the niche of the blog can drive away readers your best bet would be to create a new blog and link to it from your main blog.

  21. @slikbonez
    He did and it's great.

    P.S. I like your new avatar. :)

  22. @slikbonez Thanks for the advice....I appreciate it!

    @TiTi Thanks for caring.......

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