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Bad Gravatar URL

  1. Not sure where to ask this, I think it's a Gravatar problem, but it manifests on the "Author Grid" widget, so I thought I'd try here.

    Our blog has 21 authors, and 20 of the icons on the author grid work perfectly. Our 21st and newest author is somehow messed up.

    When you click "View Complete Profile" you correctly go to his Gravatar page:

    But when you click the icon on the widget, you get a 404 error because it takes you to the wrong author page:

    I believe that author link should take you to this working archive:

    It seems that somehow his names "fotofranca" and "osishmaelnikon" have gotten crossed.

    Is this a Gravatar bug?
    Is this something he set wrong?

    Any info on how we can fix this would be appreciated.



  2. When you click on an author icon it shows all the posts by that author. And your newest author hasn't posted anything yet, so it's showing a 404 error.

  3. thanks hnsaifi, but he actually has posted (and wouldn't appear in the author grid if he hadn't)

    and you see his post here:

    But somehow the Author Grid Widget goes to his "other" (or crossed) user name and gives us the 404 instead of his archive...

  4. Hi there - we've made a fix to this author's username, and his archives are now working, and linked correctly from his Gravatar:

    Just let us know if you run into any further issues.

  5. Wonderful Kathrynwp, thanks so much! :)

  6. My pleasure. :-)

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