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Bad move: Read Your Subscriptions on front page

  1. Could someone explain the logic of moving Read Your Subscriptions from the dashboard Subscribe menu to the WordPress front page? Has the person responsible for this genius move bothered to consider how many extra clicks that takes, or how it will impact on page views?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not sure if this supports the same topic but I can't find the list of subscribers anymore.

  3. @giftedadults, that one confused me as well. Seems like the wrong place for it to be. Not sure what their thinking was on that.

    @brad, if you go to site stats in your dashboard and then look down on the left to the "general" section, click on the "subscription" tab you will find the "active" link where you can view your subscribers.

  4. @gifted, it shouldn't impact page views since you will be the only one going to that subscriptions page and only when you are logged in. People subscribe to your blog either from the subscribe tab in the grey admin bar, or if you have it from the subscriptions widget in your sidebar. Normal visitors won't be directed to the front page of wordpress.

  5. Can you be more specific thesacredpath. The only 'subscriptions' link I see is under the Dashboard. There is a 'General' under settings but that's doesn't reference 'subscriptions' or my 'subscribers'.

  6. Sorry my bad. Site Stats then General. (((DOH)))

  7. Sacredpath, the problem is not with subscribing, but reading. Or was.
    New info. Apparently, this was tweaked some time today. I just discovered that the link to your subscribed blogs is now under "My Account," which still isn't particularly logical.

    End of rant, but not end of being annoyed. Why couldn't this have been announced somewhere?

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